Carved Polymer Bracelet with PMC Hinges -Brand New Class

Sept17-20       4-day class

 Intermediate/Advanced PMC/ All levels polymer clay

In this class students will focus on one bracelet style, the carved polymer clay cuff with PMC hinges and catch. The intricate mechanics of joining these two dissimilar materials in a way that enhances them both will be taught, from the standpoint of design and technical challenge.

The polymer clay part of the class will cover basics such as conditioning, baking for strength, texturing, and preparing the baked clay for carving.  Also covered will be the design of your bracelet: Shape and sizing, its scale in relation to the hinges, color choices, color mixing, and adding acrylic paint.

 You’ll learn my technique for making polymer clay “plates’ on which to practice carving. Various carving tools will be demonstrated and discussed as will how to keep your tools in perfect working order.

In the PMC part of the class you’ll focus on a hinge and catch designed specifically for this style of polymer clay bracelet.  You’ll learn the delicate and precise process of building a PMC hinge and attaching it to the polymer clay with rivets, a decorative as well as functional solution.

You’ll develop an understanding of the intricacies of building hinges with precision and imagination, engineering them so they function properly, are durable, and resonate with the polymer clay.

 The class cost is $495.

 The Material Fee is $95.

The material fee includes supplies and consumables, several packages of polymer clay, Teflon, acrylic paints, sterling silver, sterling chain, Argentium Sterling, brass, copies (for tear away), Celie's demo materials (PMC, polymer, precious metals), finishing materials, including sand papers for PMC and polymer, studio rent, studio prep, administrative costs, and handouts.  Also included are many tools and supplies for you to use including a glass work surface, glass palettes, and a desk lamp.

I suggest you budget 1-2 packs of PMC (28 gram packs of Plus or 25 gm packs of PMC3) for this class.

(You are welcome to substitute Art Clay in place of PMC.)

 A PMC work kit containing a rolling tool, pin tool, deck of cards, blade, palette knife, slip container, Teflon sheets??, and a water color brush will be available to pre-order for $25.  For those who don't have those supplies, they will also be available to purchase individually during the class. Additional polymer clay will be available to purchase, as well.

If you don’t have a kiln I am happy to fire your PMC for a year from the date of the class.  Box it and send it to me, with a SASE, and I'll fire and return it.

A material list will be sent later.

The class will be capped at 9 people.

TO REGISTER:  E-mail me first to make sure there is a spot in the class.  Then send a check for $590 (if you want a PMC kit, please add another $25) by August 10thThis is non-refundable, unless a replacement can be found, in which case your refund would be the tuition minus a $50 registration fee.  Please e-mail me if you would like to split the tuition into two payments.