Hinges for PMC: New and Advanced Techniques

hinged bracelet


June 21-24         4 day class                  

Learn the latest techniques developed by Celie for making precision hinges in PMC. During the first morning you’ll learn the tear away technique to make textures, and also to generate decorative ‘clay papers’ to use in your work (relevant information on new formula changes in polymer will be covered). During the next 3 days you’ll explore different hinge types through demos and hands on work; rolled and drilled handmade tube, extruded, fine silver tube and fused wire coil hinges, miniature hinges and catches, hinges on unusual shapes, wire and ball hinges, various bracelet hinges, and (unique to PMC) textured hinges.  You’ll develop an understanding of the intricacies of attaching hinges to your work with precision and imagination and of engineering them so they function properly as you construct a piece of your own design and samples of various hinge types.

Photos on this page represent different types of hinges, click on the magnifying glass below the photo to see it larger.

An excellent way to understand what makes hinges work, or not work, is to look at hinges: on your door, your car, in your medicine cabinet, your kitchen, and on, and in, your jewelry box. Although precision is an integral part of hinges, it is not what first comes to mind when thinking about PMC. This only serves to make it a more enticing challenge.

Click HERE to see a collage of hinges from around my house.   

E-mail me for full details or to register for a spot in the class.