Story Locket (Class No Longer Taught)

A Shaped Pendant with a Hinge and a Clasp:
A bit of your story, enshrined in a locket, designed by your own hand

September 12-15


4 day class

You’ll start by etching on polymer (tear away technique) to make your own texturing tools for metal clay. Then you’ll learn the basics of working with original PMC Sterling and also the new alloy, sterling 960: Both these clays offer us greater strength and surface hardness than the fine silver metal clays, making them ideal for hinges.  Their longer working time makes them a pleasure to use! Please read more about 960 on my blog.


In class you will create a substantial locket pendant that enshrines fragments of your personal history.  The piece you design will have a hinge, a clasp, and a tube bail through which a chain or cord can pass.  The interior space will hold a treasured object or element that has special meaning to you; not necessarily secret but with personal significance:  A photo, a scrap of paper torn from a notebook or a favorite poetic passage, a small object, button, pebble, twig, or charm you'll make, bring or borrow for this purpose.

You’ll develop an understanding of the intricacies of attaching hinges to your work with precision and imagination and of engineering them so they function properly as you construct a stunning keepsake locket. 

In addition you’ll learn techniques for visualizing a design, mapping it out with paper, making simple templates, and organizing the work into manageable segments.

Although all hinges require some degree of precision, the type taught in this class allow for a more relaxed approach to the engineering problems involved in a hinge. Firing will be thoroughly demonstrated.


The class cost is $495.

The Material Fee is  $115.

The material fee includes supplies and consumables, Argentium, sterling, fine silver, brass wire, copper wire and sheet, several packages of polymer clay for tear away textures, Teflon, copies (for tear away), Celie's demo materials (PMC, polymer, precious metals), finishing materials, including sand papers for PMC and polymer, studio rent, studio prep, administrative costs, and handouts.  Also included are many tools and supplies for you to use including a glass work surface, glass palettes, and a desk lamp. 

I suggest you budget approximately 2-4 packs of PMC (1-2 each of PMC3 and PMC Sterling 25grams) for this class.

A list of local lodging choices will be sent upon registration.

A material list will be sent in August.

The class will be capped at 9 people.

TO REGISTER:  E-mail me first to make sure there is a spot in the class. (If you've already emailed me, your spot is secure.) Then send a check for $610. by June 1st. This is non-refundable, unless a replacement can be found, in which case your refund would be the tuition minus a $50 registration fee.  Please e-mail me if you would like to split the tuition into two payments.