The Beauty of Tools

Sept 21-24 

All levels

Experience in polymer clay is helpful No metals experience necessary.

From the humble Exacto knife to the intricately carved initial stamp called a "chop", the tools we choose are the first steps in the realization of our ideas.  In this workshop--part polymer clay class, part metalsmithing and part High School shop, participants will design a group of tools for making the unique impressions we associate with the vivid patterns in the polymerversion of mokume gane.

Using sheet metal and various plastics students will make their ownimpression and cutting tools by bending, forming and ‘setting’ these metal shapes in polymer handles, both mokume and carved.

For the polymer portion of the class, Celie will teach the three versions of polymer mokume (layers of metallic leaf and delicately tinted translucent clay) she has developed. There will also be a section on carving.  Strategies for choosing, preparing, and baking polymer for strength and carvability will be covered. Students will build a vocabulary of signs and symbols using a selection of tools ranging from the standard v-nib to exotic and beautiful carvers made in Japan.  Explore everything from sinuous free-form linear effects to repetitive and geometric pattern incising. 

Participants will make initial and design "chops" (ie: beautifully decorated initial stamps to mark your work with your name or initials), texture cubes and carved texture plates to use for texturing your polymer clay and metal clay.

In addition to the mokume tools, supplies to make a variety of tools will be available. (ex: pendant seam rippers, exacto knives, linoleum cutters, pin tools, name ‘chops”, and handles of various types and styles). 

Material Fee Includes:

The material fee includes supplies and consumables, several packages of polymer clay, Teflon, Argentium Sterling, brass, copper, Celie's demo materials (PMC, polymer, precious metals), finishing materials, including sand papers for PMC and polymer, studio rent, studio prep, administrative costs, and handouts.  Also included are many tools and supplies for you to use including a glass work surface, glass palettes, and a desk lamp.

The class cost is $495.

The Material Fee is  $95.

 TO REGISTER:  E-mail me first to make sure there is a spot in the class. (If you've already emailed me, your spot is secure.) Then send a check for $590 (if you want a PMC kit, please add another $25) by July 15thThis is non-refundable, unless a replacement can be found, in which case your refund would be the tuition minus a $50 registration fee.  Please e-mail me if you would like to split the tuition into two payments.