Revolving Ring  with Polymer Inlay

PMC, polymer clay, and metal working  

September 27-30

4-Day class

All levels                

Learn to create 2-sided rings that rotate from textured silver on one side to a painterly polymer clay inlay on the other.

Start by etching on polymer (tear away technique) to make your own texturing tools for PMC and polymer.  Then use your tear away paper to ‘roll print’ texture onto colored, collaged sheets of polymer clay.  After baking you'll transform these with paint, pastel, oil crayon and Prismacolor pencils into brilliant miniature tapestries.  

In the PMC part of the class you’ll learn to make seamless bezels and to construct hollow-formed drum beads in PMC, textured with tear away and specifically engineered to support a riveted ring shank.

Then size, cut and set your polymer tapestry in the PMC bezel using rudimentary metal working techniques including riveting through a hollow form, hammering for strength and decoration, and patinas.

Next, learn to form and forge a ring shank out of Argentium Sterling.  Finally, learn the intricate mechanics of riveting through a hollow form to unite the set polymer and the shank.

The class cost is $495.

Material Fee is $95.

The material fee includes copied images for tear away (to use in making texture), polymer for tear away, polymer for inlay, liquid polymer, acrylic paints, Prismacolor pencils, oil crayons, Teflon, Argentium Sterling, brass, copper, sterling wire and tubing, supplies and consumables, Celie's demo materials (PMC, polymer and metals), finishing materials including sandpapers for PMC and polymer, studio rent and handouts.  Also included are many tools and supplies for you to use including a glass work surface, glass palettes, and a desk lamp.

I suggest you budget 1-2 packs of PMC (28 gram packs of Plus or 25 gm packs of PMC3) for this class.

A few tools and supplies will be available to purchase during the class:  Basic supplies such as rolling tools, pin tools, decks of cards, blades, palette knives, slip containers, Teflon sheets, top quality water color brushes.  Also available are templates, carvers, Nesting Tube Sets and more.

A list of local lodging choices will be sent upon registration.

A material list will be sent in August.

The class will be capped at 9 people.

TO REGISTER:  E-mail me first to make sure there is a spot in the class.  (If you've already emailed me, your spot is secure.) Then send a check for $590 by June 1st.  This is non-refundable, unless a replacement can be found, in which case your refund would be the tuition minus a $50 registration fee.  Please e-mail me if you would like to split the tuition into two payments.